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Monday, April 7, 2014

Life and absence of life

My colleague was sharing with me about her cousin who just discovered a tumor below her brain and need to go through a major ops.  The ops will damage her facial tissues and veins, leaving her face half paralyses. This is her 2nd op within 10 years. To add to the situation, her mum is currently a cancer patient - bone and lung. Her dad had passed away but she had just re-married to a German guy. 

What a heart breaking true story early in the morning. 

I remembered that time when the doctor informed us that my sis's left hand might be amputated. So I kept asking the doctor is there a possibility to keep her hand or what can we do after the surgery? Can we install a fake hand or what? But the surgeon roared at us and said "we are trying to keep her life here." I was so upset for my sis that I cried out. Guys don't get it. Beauty is so important to woman! The stares and finger pointing at a woman's flaws surely and easily land one into depression, no matter how strong the woman is.

The next thing I remembered was how unfortunate my sis was. We fell into the unlucky minority where the statistic showed remote probability of having the virus spread and grow after the surgery. It landed us into agony, sadness, frustration and anger. 

We have tons of questions that no one can answer. Where is miracle? What is this crap about god  (no matter which religion) bestow kindness to whoever do good? Why should we trust the unknown power when all we were given is nothing but false hopes over and over again? 

Well, now I am okay. No more disgruntlement over anything. Peaceful. Maybe that's her life, to bring us joy in the short time she had with us. 

Yet can't help but feel pretty affected when we hear stories like that. 

Keep the hopes high, no matter what you do.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The big one!

My girl turned big one two days ago!

It's been a journey, long and short. 

I read through some mums blog who wrote about breastfeeding and I kinda regret not blogging more. 

I have absolutely no idea how I went through the breastfeeding period! I only remembered I was very very sleep deprived. Until I went crazy at around week 9 and I asked my hubby and mum to take away the baby. Nah, I was not really turning mentally ill and abusive. It's just... Overwhelming. Because I tried to do more and do it by myself. It's my baby afterall. I ended up not well rested and a very lousy body in the end. 

I was and is still very blessed though!! I hardly need to do household chores or cook. I even can ask my mum or hub to buy food for me. I just wonder why I am so so tired everyday. Need to buck up. 

Anyway, long story cut short, it's been a journey. But the journey had not ended. I am not sure if I am ready for no 2 although there are plans for it. But one thing for sure - we love you little arielle!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Arielle first birthday party!

Shit u blogger app! I finished typing and it hang! Wtf

Just done with Arielle's first birthday party! We held it on the Sunday before the actual day. 

It was great!

All our vendors are awesome and set up everything before 12pm which kinda shocked us a little as we thought it is too early. 

But it turned out to be great move! 

People started coming at 12pm and can start to eat. 

Grabbed arielle to go back shower by 1130. 

My awesome hubby set up everything including balloons.

The little corner we set up was great!

We initially almost engaged a lady to help us do up the place and prepare cake and some small snacks. But because we had some constraints, we ended up trying to do up ourselves. It's a little more tiring but I think the results is great, better than what I imagined it to be. I can't even thought how I can do it better.

Perhaps an external vendor might make it really pretty but what we came out with is really good enough for me. It's like maybe we can afford and pay for international buffet but we are really happy with just ala carte dishes.

We found a cloth with sequins like fish scale and it's pink! Perfect. The size was awkward but we just made do with what we had. 

Then just placed everything on the table

And what is more apt than putting her album showing the differences between her current and when she was less than a year?

The push cake pops were also a big hit among kids. Great tool to interact with the kids!
The stickers were pretty!
I even took pain to arrange the straws to an A. Although no one notice. But my hub said he appreciate! Hehe
Cake cutting was a lil awkward. My hub threw away the box with the candle and knife. So he left to get a knife. So the crowd started singing the chinese birthday song. But we actually practiced with English one. So left me with the blur blur girl. 

Need to do a ritual for her to step on the kueh also. Failed terribly. 

And presents!
And one of the awesome one:

Thanks for all the love for this little girl!

��YLS Catering
��Simply Buffet
��Balloons from Kidz Party Store
��Cake from A Little Cake Shoppe 
��Push Cake Pops Singapore
��PS I love you photography 
��decorations from spotlight and various party supplies store from bugis
��toilets from Porta Plumber, best in town!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Start of 2014

*poof* 2013 ended and welcome 2014! Super wowed, nothing change, just the end of a 24 hour day and it's like we passed a year and crossed over an imaginary line to the next year. 

2013 is significant to me. Perhaps the biggest change! 

Jan I was still celebrating my bday. Feb I had a major emotion breakdown during CNY and cried for like 3 days! Mar I delivered a baby!
Then subsequent months are quite blank because I was handling the baby (with help though) and life is overwhelming.

And this ended my 2013!

Having a baby as comparison makes you age really fast! But it's still an amazing journey so far.

2014 is gg to pass even faster I am sure. But hope it's gg to be awesome!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Simple life!

Life is good today. No client or fire to fight. 

We woke up to do marketing for dinner, being inspired by 3+1! It's a dangerous show because it's on fri, so sat can test it out! Hah. So after fine tuning and changing, here's what was present:
- double fish tomato carrot soup
- Rojak pork chop with green apple salsa
- steamed marshed tofu chestnut prawn with enoki mushroom
- stir fry blanched long beans

We ended buying too much and went over budget too because the fishes (head and slices) are already $20. Quite shocked because we wanted to use fish bones but the fishmonger don't have bones anymore. Price aside, the fishes are fresh and make the soup less fishy, but I used too much water and end up too diluted.

The rojak pork chop was a twist because I changed from pineapple to green apple for my preg friend. Nevertheless it tasted pretty good except pork chop wasn't pan fried good enough. 

Tofu was surprising a hit! But long beans are just too much to finish. 

Still have some raw ingredients in my fridge I dunno how!

Baby was quite cooperative and slept from 1pm to 4pm. I manage to do 70% of the prep and cook! I am also the one who brought her to class. 

*feeling accomplished!*

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I am blogging at dayre instead because blogging in bitsizes seems easier in view of my commitment to work and baby! 

I hope to continue to all my social media accounts - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and now dayre.

It's always good when I started to go back to my documented memories and read. Most of the time it surprised me a lot! The way I wrote things and how I feel didn't sound like the current me.

Recently my cousin and wife are on the verge of separating their ways. I tried to listen, and help. I don't advise but I sit on the fence. There is really no right or wrong in a relationship. But my hub provided new insights to me (boy, how glad I am to hear him analyzing to me, I hope we have more such conversation!). From my cousin's situation, I feel that I am so blessed. I found someone who didn't abandon me when it gets tough to understand me. He silently stood by me and waited for my recovery! 

Thank you hubby!
I hope you like this little present that seems "useless" in your situation. I can do nothing much for you but I just hope you love this little surprise that I kept the secret in agony for a week plus from ordering to ship to receiving!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A working mum

Taking a mini break while my chub is taking a nap. Seems so long to take a breather. For someone so lazy like me, motherhood itself is a challenge, I am not even taking charge of household chores!

I am fortunate. I know and I am really thankful for it. I wish I have more energy. Yesterday I complaint to my mum (again) that I feel so tired. She shut me up and say "everyone is tired". For that moment, I feel that my mum really hate me coz I done nothing much to contribute, sometimes even messing up and need her and my hub to clean up. working hard to earn money suddenly doesn't matter anymore. Working hard to pump milk doesn't mean anything because they think milk powder is easy - well, at least the schedule using milk powder compared to latching without consistency is easier to control.

In life, it's always the small things that matter. 

I am trying to imagine life if I am not working. Will I be so hardworking like my mum? Keeping house spick and span, plus take care and teach the kid(s) plus cook plus laundry, pushing the limit of aching arms and body? Suddenly, working seems easier.