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Sunday, August 31, 2014

New resolution!

I am a terrible mum and I suddenly self-reflected... erm... after 17.5 months. oops. it's kinda late but I guess the maternity instincts always rave during pregnancy. So I am looking for tons of ideas for the kids - we have a couple now and it kinda make sense to start making toys. maybe next week when the 8 year old comes to my house during her school holidays, I will get her to help too! A couple of things we can do: - Sensory and bean bags with alphabets, numbers, shapes - Busy/quiet boxes filled with toys - Road trip bags My girl is terrible when it comes with car seat. Either she struggled or I will gave her iphone/ipad to keep her entertained. I am feeling so exhausted now to fight with her to keep her in. Craft materials: - Cotton bud sticks and cotton balls (just nice, we bought plenty and don't know what to do with it) - Cardboards (we had some from purchasing boxes of diapers and it's a pity to dump them away!) - Balloons - saw the play doh balloon and hoping no one throw away the balloon Arielle just bought! - Oats, flour, rice, beans for sensory play (to be honest, we threw alot of those away due to expiry! Should have kept it for them to play) - Playdoh, pipe cleaners, disposable utensils, craftsticks - the possibilities are abundance! - Books (bought her a few and all chunk to one side) - Puzzles - must find those cheap ones - DIY stuff e.g. bean bags - I love bean bags, we had a good 5- 10 mins play just with the small 5 stones I kept in my drawer. When she can jump, we can do more - like hop scrotch with bean bag toss, shuttle run, or some competition. I used to think those mini races our PE teachers made us do were so silly! Thinking back, it's so fun actually. and teachers used those to drain our energy. hahaha. So hopefully I get my lazy ass out of the bed/sofa and move it move it! Great websites:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

my ah mah said...

My ah mah is an awesome woman despite having a ill fate in marriage. She has ten kids (1 passed away when young). All 9 kids are very filial to her. I looked up to her teaching when it comes to guiding my own kid in life. Apart from filial piety, 8 of them earn their own keep to maintain their family while my youngest aunt marries a good man who are willing to provide for her. We are not super wealthy but most of us are very happy and at peace. Today my aunt said that my ah mah said "When your kids bring you out to eat, don't criticize and must say that the food is very good". A lot of golden words behind this simple action. When your kid bring you out to eat, it means: - he/she is willing to spend time, effort and money on you - he/she must be doing okay in life, not trying to make ends meet that kind. if he/she is struggling to make ends meet, means he/she is still willing to spend time, effort and money on you. When you said the food is good: - your kid feel happy that you like what they give you. they will feel more confident in their choice. - everyone is happy for different reasons. that's fine, you don't have to spend time investigating and voice out explicitly what makes you/he/she happy - there are more opportunities in the future that they will bring you along. So I would love to wait for a chance for my kid to bring me out. And definitely still continue to bring my parents out more often (though they always criticize on my choice :S)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Dear Papa,

Today is Father's Day and in honour of your day for the 2nd year being a father of two, we got mama to use her only energy to buy you a present! And we hope you like it. 

Thank you for your patience in us. Both of us. And loving mama. Pls don't say she lazy because she is trying very hard to make me which makes her really tired.

Yours only,
Arielle (14.5 months) and *no 2* (14 weeks in making)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Like like like!

My boss is such a blessed guy! 

The whole dept is helping to share the link which his two daughters joining coloring contests and garnering support. He is such a nice guy and I know we all clicking like not because he is our boss but because we love him and his family! 

So pls share this too if you like it!

Rachel and Becky joined a coloring contest for Mother's day. Feel free to click on the links below and like picture !

Contest end on Monday!! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Missing again

Wooh I checked. And my posts are now monthly instead of daily. My daily affairs are now in Dayre. Heh. 

Wonder if anyone still read this space. I bet my hub does *wave!!*

Nothing much in my life now. Just waiting. Again. 

Oh I have another niece since my last update. Lil Alva girl yo!
I went to visit her today. Visiting is like a weekly affair since my sis delivered coz we need to help buy some ingredients. Until hub quite buay tahan and asked when can we stop going over. I admit, it's really far in our dictionary.

But I am quite glad to do so because everytime I went, I kinda reaffirm that I won't need a confinement lady for no 2!!!

Like the week before, she just kept taking the baby away from me. I know it's her responsibility but since I am jaga-Ing the baby, I think I can handle, she can go do other things!

Then today I was carrying Alva like that.
And she nagged abit on how Alva should be sleeping on bed, not carried like that. It's not good for her blah blah blah. Hello! Skin to skin contact is one of the best way to bond! Since I hardly have a chance to come over, of course need to bond with my lil niece! And it helps baby regulate the breathing and of coz sleep better (that's for parents to do la, not auntie with niece). I seriously eye roll because these confinement lady kept on niaming one. I would love to hold my no 2 like that the same way I carried arielle to sleep. And I can't imagine having my confinement lady snatching away and said "no you are doing it all wrong". ������

This is the time I missed my baby sister because she will totally know how I feel and I can totally bitch with her abt this. Now I feel quite lonely without her.

Okay that's all I wanna rant haha. Now looking ard for confinement food to offload my mum abit for her cooking!! Would love to have her cooked but it will take a toil on her physically and mentally (to think of food to cook for me!). 

And we are getting a helper *throw confetti* don't know if we can take it though!! But I kinda look forward to a cleaner house!! I even feel like renovating abit and move over to a bigger room. But I really like my current room. It's so cosy and sentimental. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Life and absence of life

My colleague was sharing with me about her cousin who just discovered a tumor below her brain and need to go through a major ops.  The ops will damage her facial tissues and veins, leaving her face half paralyses. This is her 2nd op within 10 years. To add to the situation, her mum is currently a cancer patient - bone and lung. Her dad had passed away but she had just re-married to a German guy. 

What a heart breaking true story early in the morning. 

I remembered that time when the doctor informed us that my sis's left hand might be amputated. So I kept asking the doctor is there a possibility to keep her hand or what can we do after the surgery? Can we install a fake hand or what? But the surgeon roared at us and said "we are trying to keep her life here." I was so upset for my sis that I cried out. Guys don't get it. Beauty is so important to woman! The stares and finger pointing at a woman's flaws surely and easily land one into depression, no matter how strong the woman is.

The next thing I remembered was how unfortunate my sis was. We fell into the unlucky minority where the statistic showed remote probability of having the virus spread and grow after the surgery. It landed us into agony, sadness, frustration and anger. 

We have tons of questions that no one can answer. Where is miracle? What is this crap about god  (no matter which religion) bestow kindness to whoever do good? Why should we trust the unknown power when all we were given is nothing but false hopes over and over again? 

Well, now I am okay. No more disgruntlement over anything. Peaceful. Maybe that's her life, to bring us joy in the short time she had with us. 

Yet can't help but feel pretty affected when we hear stories like that. 

Keep the hopes high, no matter what you do.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The big one!

My girl turned big one two days ago!

It's been a journey, long and short. 

I read through some mums blog who wrote about breastfeeding and I kinda regret not blogging more. 

I have absolutely no idea how I went through the breastfeeding period! I only remembered I was very very sleep deprived. Until I went crazy at around week 9 and I asked my hubby and mum to take away the baby. Nah, I was not really turning mentally ill and abusive. It's just... Overwhelming. Because I tried to do more and do it by myself. It's my baby afterall. I ended up not well rested and a very lousy body in the end. 

I was and is still very blessed though!! I hardly need to do household chores or cook. I even can ask my mum or hub to buy food for me. I just wonder why I am so so tired everyday. Need to buck up. 

Anyway, long story cut short, it's been a journey. But the journey had not ended. I am not sure if I am ready for no 2 although there are plans for it. But one thing for sure - we love you little arielle!