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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy unhappy CNY

Had a bad mood again this year. I was sobbing 50% of the time, uncontrollably.

Perhaps it's the backache plus heartburn plus tiredness plus pregnancy hormones plus a wanna-visit-but-yet-to-come headache that made the situation really bad.

And after the entire day on the way home sweet home, I felt really guilty. So I kept asking my hubby if he is angry with me. I am sure he was and is despite his denial! His attitude to me had been different if he weren't.

Then upon reaching home, I stood at the same location while waiting for him to complete his routine stuff - switch on all the fans, window, electricity, TV. I wanted to apologize to him and wait for him for him to give me a hug and say "it's alright baby, I know it's the raging hormones..." but he ignored me nonetheless. Then shortly, he went MIA himself. then i realise he went to sleep. Then I started sobbing and he suddenly walked out and asked me what's wrong and kept questioning me like I owe him money. By then I already don't feel like telling him anymore because my back ached like mad.

Suddenly I do appreciate why some couples can't last long. It can be a series of disappointment and mismatch of timing.

I guess a good sleep is the best thing I need now...

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