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Friday, February 15, 2013

35th week!

Little baby is 2141g! In the average growth range. She gained 1/2 kg since our last gynae visit a month again. I gained 0.6 kg though. Lil baby, please take all my weight! Mummy loves you lots~

See her blissfully resting inside. and her chubby cheeks! Kee qiu!
Heartbeat: 138 per minute

My blood pressure raised very very slightly but nothing to call for alarm. Also did a swap to test for Strep B virus.

Dr Tham said we are doing good and baby still got space inside to move around. So good that he said he is not worried. lol. I guess it's always good to be an average normal person. I asked if I will pop earlier and if lil baby is engaged. He said it's too early and asked me don't keep thinking about it.

It's such an amazing journey! especially when there is a life inside me, and it grows over time, it kicks, punches and move. I am going to miss that fluffy feeling inside after she comes out.

But suddenly I am freaking out a lil because once she is out, our lives changed forever! And I felt so ill-prepared at the moment. But well, I guess, we will rise to the occasion once things happen!

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