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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life is like a ...

Clogged milk duct! No one knows your pain. Once you clear it, you get very high but still no one knows your joy and satisfaction though they may congratulate you. 

Hah random but I am bothered by this blockage which half of my boob is hard and painful. trying to nurse and pump to clear it. so while I spent another half an hour clearing my blockage at night and finally heard a pop and milk started to flow... And flow.. And flow! Like a tap you can't switch off! Haha must be really really blocked that I produce 8 oz for milk! My norm is just 3 oz max. 

I heard good news from work but for now, clearing blockage excites me more than anything else!

3 weeks to end my maternity leave and I am still unprepared. Better start switching mindset!

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