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Monday, January 21, 2013


Well. The government has just announced the Parenthood benefits. Usually it's none of my business, but I happened to benefit from this, of course I am excited.

Excited because we are embarking on a new journey soon, and happened to receive some gifts from the Government. I appreciate it alot. $2K or not, 1 week paternity leave or 2 days, it won't change the way we handle our kids, the heart and soul we will put in to groom our kid, and my target of having a big family.

Overall package
I saw the facebook posts and some are grateful. But still, people complaint. Some people said "where's tax levy rebates, maid levy rebates, why only up to four, why w.e.f. May?" "Wah, buying votes for Punggol East?"

It is never-ending to human demands. Govt help you with four kids, you want five because you give birth to five and you think that you deserve more from the govt. Govt has all sorts of financial assistant schemes, you say not enough. You can afford a maid and you still want levy rebates?

Couples with children below 16 are happy about the Parenthood priority scheme.
I watched the news and it reported that this couple is happy about the scheme because they weren't able to get a BTO in AMK. I also read Todays and this family of eight lived in a four-room flat and was happy about the housing schemes. They had unsuccessfully tried for BTO three times.

But are you sure they weren't able to get a BTO? In the first case, the couple only wanted AMK. They don't bother to look out for BTOs in other areas. They die die only want AMK and obviously refused to buy resale flat because they cannot afford. In the 2nd case, they tried for BTO THREE times. There had been more than three launches of BTO per year I am sure. Why only three? Wanna stay near parents? If cannot get, go further. Do you mean that if you don't stay near parents, you cannot take care of them? Yes, have to travel. How big is Singapore? Do you need 12 hours to travel from your house to parents' place? Yes traffic is a hassle, but we have MRT and buses. Cater for more travelling time by getting out of the house earlier? No seat, stand?

Maybe both did get a ballot number afterall. But the number sucks. They only get low floor or the direction is not right, so they don't want. Of course from their point of view, I pay, I want the best, I only want it my way. But you see, beggar cannot be chooser. If you want high floor, face right direction, pay for it. If you cannot afford, work for it. If you just want to wait for money falling from the sky, then don't complain.

Singles are unhappy
Another lady post in my friend's FB: Then they should also have special no-life bonus for those who sacrifice their time to cover the work for those on maternity and paternity leave. We also wanna get married and have a baby you know??? < Yeah, then go and get married and have a baby! What's wrong with you man? It's YOU who decided to sacrifice your time. It's the Company YOU choose to work in did not allocate the workload properly nor plan resources properly. Why you want govt to give you no-life bonus? Seriously, if there is such a bonus, will you be happy to receive it?

I just read this article:
I want to do tough parenting and be responsible to my children, NOT for them. I saw many cases of parents who feels responsible for the children. But end up, these kids grew up pampered and cannot handle things themselves. I was brought up that way by my parents and I will continue to preach the same to my children.

Beyond this article, a guy said: Tip: vote PAP out and you will do just fine. Obviously this has no link to the article! Parenting is personal. You are responsible for your own life and responsible to your spouse, family and children. Are you really sure that by voting them out, your life will be good? Quote examples?

Perhaps I am narrow minded. But there are thousand and one way to look at a problem and solve it. If you cannot get to A via route W, try route X, Y, Z? If you really hate the way government is handling things, then move out of Singapore? Yes, the ministers earn alot of money compared to normal people like you and me, but can you deny that they did nothing to improve our nation? 

Disclaimer: I am not pro or against government. 

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