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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bad day

Had an emotional roller coaster ride downwards! Dressed in my most colorful attire but yet in my darkest mood. Is it that I subconsciously wish to camouflage my feelings with my attire or using attire to cheer up my mood? No idea.

I sobbed in my office silently. Feeling like a clown in fact. To everyone, I smiled and remain positive but in fact I just wanna hid in my wardrobe. Been quite sometimes to feel this way. I guess I get too overwhelmed by work. Preggy should rest, not work. :( I guess it's pretty fine to have a day of bad mood after being positive for quite some time during my pregnancy.

That's morning.

After lunch, my emotions got better but I had this dull menses cramp! Quite worrying because some people had it and the next thing was they delivered prematurely.

Well, it still bugging me but I am still kiv-Ing because no bleeding. Sometimes I wonder why I need gynae because I normally do my own search than asking him.

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