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Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby's stuff

Bought some materials to DIY pacifier clips for lil baby.

Her Pigeon Pacifier... but the pacifier cap has no hole! :( I foresee it will be lost soon...

Tadah! End results... Unfortunately, my sewing skills quite sucky..

2nd one!

Somehow my thread will turn color when I sew! No idea why but I really hate my pink thread becomes purple.. ARGH...

Still have another two fitted sheets to make... I am so looking forward to do it.

And finally bought baby's stroller and car seat *heart pain* Things so expensive... Should have just go to the Combi distributor, heard it's 10% cheaper plus free gift. I kept thinking we are buying maxi cosi stroller, thus I forgot abt the distributor :(

And finally we completed the prenatal classes! Last class is hands-on lesson. so they provided a fake baby.
We are definitely more ready for the arrival of lil one compared to few months back!

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