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Thursday, December 27, 2012

In memory of my Samsung Note

Sold off my Samsung note! I backed up my notes and photos in the phone. Should have done it so much earlier and I could have sold off a even better price! I think the person kio dio loh, The phone is really near new condition. I only used it from May to iphone 5 launch and I hardly wanna take it out because it's too bulky. I saw sellers selling faulty home button set at the same price as me. But salute to that guy's sincerity to make his way from Clementi to Punggol, he really must have need the phone. Then okay, I think it's his gain. I cut $30 from the price I requested, somemore I try to help him save abit of money by asking him not to tap out from the train. But I like this kind of fast deal also. haha. Shall not be greedy.

I feel so bad though, I was supposed to sell to my friend. But she didn't get back to me that night, so I posted it online the next night. I just wanna know how much I can sell actually, coz I plan to sell her at the price I sell dealer. Then this guy responded within 10 mins of my ad, somemore call instead of SMS. I was so caught in a shock that I just asked my hubby what to do. Tsk tsk tsk, I feel so guilty and dishonest! :(

Well, at least sold the phone to get some diaper money... I still got 1 iphone 3gs and 4s in super bad condition! hah. That's why I damn poor, coz I don't sell my phone :(

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