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Monday, November 19, 2012

bad mood

had such a bad mood yesterday i roared! My hubby even asked "what happene, I already said I will send the machine for repair what". I had the audacity to answer "I have so many months of good mood, I cannot have bad mood is it!". I am so evil. Men always forgot that women don't need a solution, I probably just need him to bitch with me. but he keep giving me solutions! OMG... So... I bought a new sewing machine.. Used it less than 2 hours in totality, I broke 3 needles. Then the needle somehow got misaligned. To top it off, I can't cut straight, so my fabric looked like shit. I feel so useless, I cannot even sew a simple pillow case! and when I played my ipad games, this game super simple and I played it many many many times, I can still miss the ball. So yesterday, I am at the valley of my moodswings. Angry, frustrated, annoyed.. Sidetracked... Stomach suddenly looked so big now... *gulp* things are getting serious also!

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